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Entering the salt room is entering into a state of calm and bliss. You can choose to listen to relaxing music, read a book, meditate, or simply rest. You will find pure relaxation away from your everyday stress, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.



The salt is 99.9% pure grade sodium chloride. It is heated and then crushed into microparticles. These microparticles are dispersed into the salt room during the session, where they are inhaled and penetrate deep into the lungs- bronchi, bronchioles, and alveoli. The non-inhaled particles fall onto the skin and are absorbed.

Dry salt therapy acts as a cleanse to the respiratory system and the skin, which helps to relieve congestion, inflammation, and skin conditions. Sessions are noninvasive.

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Yoga Sessions

Step into serenity at our Salt Spa yoga sessions, where tranquility meets rejuvenation.

Explore a spectrum of yoga practices, from restorative sessions that gently target connective tissues, to mobility-focused flows enhancing flexibility. Our slow-flow classes are crafted to refine balance and grace, blending strengthening movements with elongating poses inspired by dance.

Join us as we embark on a journey to nurture your body, mind, and spirit in the calming embrace of our salt-infused sanctuary

“Salon Sashay Salt Spa is amazing!! Easy to make appointments, friendly and knowledgeable staff. The atmosphere is so relaxing. I could spend the entire day in the salt room, I love how calm and relaxed I feel when I come out of there. As someone who suffers from extreme anxiety, I have to say this is the best thing I have found to make me relax. Sitting in the salt and letting my mind wander while soaking in the quiet brings a whole new meaning to peacefulness."
"I have been taking yoga classes here for just over a month and LOVE it! Hailee, the instructor, is amazing! She teaches a great restorative yoga class, makes sure I am comfortable in the postures, and is a wealth of knowledge in holistic health. Mary is also amazing and so friendly. They make me feel right at home!

I always leave feeling relaxed, energized, and can breathe more easily. The salt feels amazing and the facility is beautiful and very clean.

Yoga + salt therapy? What could be better?! Definitely a must-try in Bemidji!"


"Everything about Salon Sashay Salt Spa is inviting. The staff is excellent and walk you through the process. The facility is luxurious and spotlessly clean.
Don't worry about getting sweaty. The Salt Spa is right at a pleasant 70 degrees. You will be comfortable.
Speaking for myself, I'm definitely breathing better when I come out of my session, too!
Try it! You'll love it!"
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